So, I've got a pretty large project in mind.
I'd like to buy up a box to install Linux on, for the purposes of being a router for my home network; but I'm a bit of a windows user and no-where near enough of a Linux user.

So, this is my aim.
I'd like to setup a Linux Router to share my internet connection. I'd also like to aggregate the internal network bandwidth accross four USR5416 WifiG cards (TI chipset) because the machine will eventually become a fileserver.
I'd also like the router to allocate bandwidth fairly, especially upstream. I'd prefer if everyone in my house (4 PC's) could get an equal share (so say, 6kb/s upsteam each to the internet). That way, when one person is seeding on BT, its not ruining everyone elses connection.
So I guess I want a router that can intelligently manage the internet bandwidth between all users.
Any advice on where to start, and tips you may have, would be HUGELY appreciated.