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    External serial modem suddenly not connecting anymore

    Alright, so I have a external serial modem, it has worked fine up until now. Last night, there was a thunderstorm and we had two power outages in pretty quick succession. I restart my computer, did a quick fsck, and everything seems fine.

    Except one thing.

    My modem won't connect anymore. It's attached to ttyS0, and when I run pon it just sits there. plog shows that it's sitting there waiting for OK and never getting it. Twice. it looks like this (paraphrased):

    send ATZ:
    expect (OK)
    send AT
    expect (OK)
    script ip-up failed.

    I am assuming that alarm means time-out, since it only appears after aboiut a minute of waiting, and that ATZ and AT are different initialization strings for the modem.

    I know that the phone cable going to the modem is fine, because I plugged a phone into it and got a dial tone. I assume that the serial port is fine because otherwise it wouldn't be able to even get that far in the ip-up script, right? I don't happen to have anything else I could use to verify that the serial port is fine (unless there's some command line test I could do to knowledge of the huge repository of command line tools is far from complete.)

    I am running Ubuntu Warty.

    So any ideas?

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    it's broken

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    Quote Originally Posted by junme
    it's broken
    Yeah, could be. If you don't have surge protection for the modem, that's a good chance. Maybe you should open the modem case and see if there are damaged components before you sell the modem on eBay (okay, that's not funny.)
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