Hi i have 2 pc's in a lan, both are running Kubuntu 5.04, on the first computer i need to share some files and a printer, so i thought "NFS", but it seems that the service isnt running and i dont know how to start it, i have read several nfs tutorials and i know how to configure /etc/exports, but i sont have one so i did one, but then i runned exportfs and i get an error message saying command not found, and as i have already said it seems that the service isnt running, in fact it doesnt seem to be installed, so it wont work. That's the most important thing, the other problem its with the printer, can anyone help me configure it in order to make it accesible from the other kubuntu box ? it's a Hp 820 cxi parallel preinter. I cant acces to the internet directly through my linux pc's so if i have to download any packages i will have to do it and then pass them to the Kubuntu pcs. thanks a lot