Hi all,

I have Cisco AIR-PCI342 Wireless LAN Adapter and I put it into a computer. And then I searched from the internet for its driver, but I could not found its exact driver. I found something, but I could not be sure whether the driver is true. I tried to install them (According to installation guide of Cisco on the internet), as I expected they did not work.

Firstly, I want to find the exact driver of it and reach information about Wireless Network Configuration in RedHat 9.0 (Since, I want to know, which wireless card name I must choose in the configuration selection list)

If you send some detailed information about it, it will be very nice.

NOTE: Cisco Installatiıon Guide WebSite:
According to installation guide, which installation way I will follow, is it PCMCIA or PCI (I think PCI)

Thanks, for now...