Hi, I'm trying to connect to a netware server. I am using the IPX module and ncpfs (for Fedora 4 ). I can ping the server I am tring to mount. I can also mount nfs directories, but ncp mount produces starge results.

When I cat /proc/net/ipx_interface I get:
Network    Node_Address   Primary   Device    Frame_Type
xxxxxxxx   yyyyyyyyyyyy   Yes       eth0      802.3
When I try to slist, I get:

slist: No server found in ncp_open
When I try to mount a Novell volume using:

ncpmount -S server_name -U user_name -V sys /mnt/ncp

I get:

ncpmount: No server found when trying to find server_name
All this as su root... Any ideas? Thanks!