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    2way routers [SOLVED]

    I am just curious of what a 2-way router is.

    Where can I buy it?

    I am having problems connecting 4 computers in one router and it is only the pc where linux is installed can't go online.

    When I connect my linux machine directly to the modem, i can go online.

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    How is your router set up? I can block mac addresses so boxes are denied access to the routher (thus preventing them from accessing the network & the internet). Have you implemented something like that by accident? You never know. Which type of router do you have?
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    compUSA Cable/DSL router 4-port Switch is my router and 4 computers are connected to it.

    This router is connected to the my DSL modem.

    So when I turn on all computers with XP and Windows 98SE at the same time they connect to the intenet.

    But when I boot one computer with Linux and 3 computers with windows, only the 3 Windows computers can go online. My linux can't.

    One of the 4 computers have an XP/Linux dual boot.

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    Have you made any changes to the firewall? You may want to check the settings in YaST, Security and Users, Firewall.

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    Should I disable firewall in YASt?

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    It sounds like you could have a default route problem. Have you set your default gateway to the router when it's plugged into there? I know the router should be configured to pick all that stuff up, but there could problems with the routing tables it uses.

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    I was able to configure it. Thanks guys...

    I assigned static ip addresses to each of my computers...and it all works now. Yippeee!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks

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