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Thread: Wirless clients

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    Wirless clients

    Hello guys,
    Is there any way to track network clients?
    I left my wireless network open because I'm being nice. I like to promote the world in which you can stop anywhere and check your e-mail. I had 2 people connect for a minute or two, which was not bad.
    Now a new guy started to connect every morning and abusing my network (SYNC flooding and IP spoofing), I am wondering if there is any way to track wireless clients. I know I can use air snort tools to track connections on the laptop, but what can I use to track the client signal strength? Maybe I can walk around and find him based on signal strength. I want to find who is doing this in my neighbourhood and give him a talking to.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    You're better off just reading off his MAC address and blocking him. Perhaps it's time to shut your open wireless gateway down, and let everyone know that you'll let them connect for free if they ask.

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    thanks, I am wondering if it is or isn't possible to track wireless clients?

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