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    Remote Server/Local Shares

    Is it possible to mount a remote servers NFS/SMB shares on a machine located on a different network?

    Basically, I have a Linux machine in my basment acting as a firewall/content filter/router to the internet. Another friend of mine has basically the same setup. On the inside of both our networks we have file servers that use NFS to share files between other Linux computers and Samba to the Windows domain. What we would like to do, is have the NFS or Samba shares show up on both local networks. I hope that makes sense.

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    So do I...

    It's the same for me... The solution should be build up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between the two gateways (your and of your friend).

    Now I'm waiting my friend in vacation to try it, so I can't tell you that surely works...

    Then another problem is that you ISP probably will block connections like VPN, but my friend said that's no problem... maybe setting an very usual port for VPN communication...

    Good Luck
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    If you want to use samba, then you have real problems without using a VPN, as (I believe, I'm sure others will correct me if i'm wrong tho ) that the SMB file system uses a wide range of ports which seem to shift with the changing of the wind...

    NFS is another matter. You can do this through port forwarding under SSH - port 2049 is the standard NFS port, I think (but you can move that to wherever you like anyway).

    Alternatively, if you both have static IP's (you do both have static IP's, dontcha?) you can each open your firewall to allow a connection from the others static IP on that port, and just connect up. This will work fine, but it is insecure, i.e. only do it if you're not sharing stuff you dont mind others being able to see (the packets could be sniffed by someone else out there in cyberspace).
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