I recently installed Kubuntu onto my computer. I'm happy with it, but I had trouble connecting to the internet. For most settings I was told that there was no modem. I think I found the right settings in the end (something like com1/dev/ttys0, where ttys1-3 would work too), but it would continuously tell me that the modem was busy.

When opening KPPP I kept on getting a message saying that /etc/resolv.conf could not be accessed due to permissions, and I suspect this to be the problem.

I was told to enter the following in order to stop the message:
su root
chown root:root $KDEDIR/bin/kppp (in my case that was /usr/bin/kppp)
chmod +s $KDEDIR/bin/kppp
I entered this, and everything seemed okay (no error messages). However, since entering this, the quick menu shortcut just responds with nothing. When I try to access the executable file via Konqueror, I'm told that it needs to be opened with another program.

Did I enter the command lines wrong? How do I access KPPP now? Was the opening message at all relevant as to why I couldn't connect to the internet?

Failing anything else I can reinstall Kubuntu and start fresh, but if there's a solution for now then obviously that would be preferred.