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    DHCP would be nice but ...

    During boot my Linux Mandrakes' 3 NIC's come up OK.
    There are 3 of them.
    eth0 is connected to an XP box via x-over cable on
    eth1 is connected to a D504T router [1 port of 4 ports]
    the other 3 ports go to other 3 XP boxes.
    eth2 is connected to x-over cable to an XP box on

    When /rtc/rc.local gets to run I have some statements to set up eth0 & eth2
    static IP's. I have local DNS working fine now thanks to Eatmeingrrek.

    The problem comes when I attempt to have DHCP on eth2.
    Basically eth2 fails to come up but with no indication as to why. Naturally without an interface active DHCPD service fails. Once the boot process is over I can then do:-
    ifconfig eth2 down
    ifconfig eth2
    ifconfig eth2 up
    then I start DHCPD and all goes OK. The IP on eth2 changes to and the XP box gets an IP of
    Unfortunately my DNS goes screwy but at least the DHCP works.

    I have attached a shortened /var/log/syslog if anyone would care to take a stab at this and educate me in some finer points of networking.
    Sorry, seems I can't attach a file


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    I think you should check your dhcpd.conf, and maybe you will want to look at my post and burnit's response on a related question here.
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