HI guys hope someone can help out on this one.

My hardware : Dell Latitude Laptop, 256 ram, Netgear MA401 card (prism 2.5 chipset) Red Hat 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 installed initially.

I got the source RPMS for Red Hat 2.6.12-1.1398_FC4.
Initially I unpacked them compiled them (with Wireless Ham Radio selected and Ethernet Bridging enabled).
I also had selected the cardbus + PCMCIA 16 bit drivers for the card to be installed directly into the kernel and not as modules.
Additionally i installed only the 16 bit drivers not the 32bit ones on some trial compiles as the Netgear MA401 is a 16 bit card.

Then I installed the hostap drivers without errors but when i checked for the wlan0 interface it was not present. iwconfig stated no wireless extensions.

On closer inspection of the hostap guides I did the same process above but
also patched the kernel sources with wireless extensions version 19 (for kernel 2.6.12). before compiling... but ... I had HUNK errors on line 1, 83, and 198. To save anyone the time to look those up... those lines deal with
diff -u -p linux/include/linux/wireless.18.h linux/include/linux/wireless.h
+/*Handle IOCLs, called in net/code/dev.c */

The remaining HUNKS compiled successfully but with offsets of 70 lines each.

I figured this was a error with wireless extension version 18 not being installed before (but its for the 2.6.11 kernel)..... So anyway I tried to patch it with Wireless extension version 18 on a fresh kernel source...NO errors. then i tried the Version 19 over that .... no errors this time.. but when i compiled the kernel.. it crashed on the drivers/net/wireless section

I have spent three weeks trying to compile the kernel with wireless extensions patched into it with no success.. Either the patch (only ver 19 directly) or the kernel (with patch) has a failure. Only compiles without the patch are successful but i could not see the wlan0 interface. or the wlan.conf file.. after making and installing hostap..
in my dmesg there is no mention of wlan0 or wifi0 or eth0.. can anyone tell me what could be going wrong?
Are those lines which fail in the patch when installed important?
Any answers could be helpful. I dont have my computer connected to the net unfortunetly. I got the patches from Jean_Tourrilhes site at hp.