I've got a very small LAN of about eight computers. They're all Windows 2000 and XP, except for a ninth that I've installed Debian on. I want to use the Debian box as a proxy server for the rest of the network, and I've installed Squid for that purpose.

The goal is to be able to set up a "whitelist" of websites that can be visited, while anything not listed in the whitelist is simply blocked - in other words, absolutely no Internet access except to the list of sites I specify.

But I'm really stuck trying to configure Squid. How do I start, and what do I need to do? If possible, I'd appreciate it if someone could start right from the beginning, with no assumptions that I know anything of what I'm doing (which seems to be the downfall of must tutorials out there when it comes to new users).

BTW, this is my first experience with Linux of any kind. I'm liking it so far and hope to eventually get the whole network switched over to it. In the meantime, I just need to get this whitelist idea to work...