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    setting up a network using Samba

    I can't get my Samba network to work. I'm not certain where the problem is. I've got a Samba server on box computer and a client on the notebook. The box computer's Kinternet tool shows that ethernet is connected, regardless of whether or not the ethernet cable is connected. The notebook computer's Kinternet tool always indicates no connection. This is also the case when I am attempting USB networking. The net result is that the notebook's Samba client doesn't see the box computer's Samba server.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Helping here is tricky without a little more info. Is the samba server not running? Is it network access permissions on the samba server? Is it password inconsistency at either end?

    More importantly, I think, is the question of why you'd want to do this. I'm assuming that, as you have both a samba server and client, they are both running Linux. If so why dont you use NFS instead of samba?
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    Samba server is working, I think. The Samba client is also working, I think.
    The firewall open to everything.
    Netbios has a network name.
    The file server is enabled to share files.
    The network devices appear to be configured correctly.

    When I have the computers set up for ethernet, the box computer shows that ethernet is connected, regardless of whether or not the cable is connected. The notebook doesn't show a connection when the cable is connects.

    I tried USB networking with the same results. The USB ports definately work on both computers.

    I wonder is this is a Kinternet problem.

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    BTW: How do I get a NFS server? I'm running SUSE 9.2 and it doesn't include a NFS server. I've tried doing this with YaST to install new software.

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