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    PC authentication

    I know this may sound like a really weird issue but here is goes. We have 9 remote PC's and over a 100 employees that login to them. They are all on DSL and we have a central station that has DSL with a static IP. We run Debian as one of our servers and was wondering about the following scenario. Is there anyway to have these machines (WinXP Pro) use the Linux server for authentication and login. I would ultimately like to pass restrictions to them as well. Much like a Domain Controller but done with Linux and done over the Internet. I'm not really looking to be spoon-fed, just a direction would be most appreciated

    Thanks again.

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    You can use samba as a PDC for a Windows network. You can also, IIRC, make samba authenticate based on an LDAP database, providing even more control and options in your user authentication application.
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    Hmm thank you for the quick response. I am very familiar with Samba, and have some books on LDAP. I am however not sure what IIRC is. I ran a google but really nothing appears that gives me a direction. Could you throw me a line on this. Thanks

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