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    How do I set up a NFS server, SUSE 9.2?

    I am attempting to set up a NFS server for a local area network. The SUSE documentation indicates that I need to first set up a NFS server. There does not appear to be an NFS server in the YaST network services page, although there is a NFS client utility. I used the YaST install software page and performed a search for NFS and found no NFS server package. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can find the rpm's you need at
    Hope this helps.
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    it's simpler than goin rpmfind.

    Open up YaST, and go into "Network Services" tab.

    Then in there click "NFS Server"

    If it needs to install packages, it'll install em for you from the default source. Then just work thru the configuration in there
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    There is no NFS Server on the network service tab of YaST. That is why I am asking how to set up a NFS server.

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    what version of SuSE u got there?

    As far as i know, the NFS Server option has been in there since 9.0, maybe even before.
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    I downloaded the package as indicated. I installed it with YaST. The NFS sever icon appears in the Network Services Tab. I clicked on the icon, the timepiece appears, and nothing else happens.

    Note: I installed SUSE 9.2 on another computer and it doesn't have a NFS server icon, either.

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    you may need to install the "yast-nfs-server" or similarly named package.

    Search the installable apps for "yast" and it shows up in there,
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    Thanks for the advice. This is what an early poster advised.
    When go into YaST, Software, Install and remove software tab, and seach nfs, I get nfs-utils and yast2-nfs-client. No server package appears to be loaded.

    I downloaded the yast2-nfs-server as suggested and installed this using Yast. It installed in a weird manner. The package, summary screen was blank. When I clicked on the accept buttton, it installed the rpm file.

    After this, yast2-nft server appears.

    Clicking on the tab for network services, the NFS server icon is present. Clicking on the icon starts the wait time piece, and nothing else happens.[/code]

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