I have a network at home. I have a Linux PC connected directly to the internet running IP masquerading. The Linux PC runs DHCP and all is well. I have a wireless router that I hooked up to the same switch that the Linux PC is hooked up to. For the sake of argument lets say that I want my Linux network to be SUBNET1, and the network connected to the wireless router to be SUBNET2. From SUBNET2 I can ping EVERYTHING on SUBNET1 without an issue, however SUBNET1 cannot see ANYTHING on SUBNET2. The only way that I can get the network on SUBNET1 to see anything on SUBNET2, is to add a static route from each PC to the other subnet.

I hope that makes sense so far.

I considered my Linux PC to be acting as a router (very similar role to the one that is running SUBNET2). So I thought if I added the static route to the routing table of my Linux PC, it would pass that on to any PC that accesses that Linux PC for the default gateway (essentially any PC on SUBNET1), however it doesn't.

So, in closing I am trying to tell all PC's on SUBNET1 that if they want to access any resources on SUBNET2, that they need to go through this IP address (the WAN side IP address of the wireless router). I want to accomplish this without manually adding static routes on every PC of SUBNET1. I thought since my Linux PC is essentially acting as a router, this should be do-able.

You tell me.