Hello guys and gals. I am new to this forum. I got the link from an article in PC Mag.

I run RedHat 7. I believe I have set up everything correctly, but I am a Linux newbie. I am able to ssh into my box with no problem. I used my routerís admin page to route info for that port to the IP of my Linux box. I am also trying to set up a web server to run my website. I believe I have apache set up correctly, but I cannot get my website on that box to work from "the outside world". My cable ISP provider is Optimum Online. A friend of mine, who lives in Queens, has Road Runner and was able to set up a server from his home. He tried to set it up for me from my location and also from his sisterís location in Long Island (we both have optonline), but it doesnít seem to work. The only thing we can figure out is that the ISP is probably blocking HTTP access to port 80 or any other port we assign. Anyone ever have a similar situation? Any work around? What can I do to check to make certain this is what is happening. I am reluctant to call my ISP because I had an STMP issue prior with sending to 10 email addresses at once, and they ended up banning the STMP from my website all together. I think if I call them to ask, they may end up blocking my SSH access.