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    Strange question , joining 2 inet sources..


    Good day to all.

    My q is:

    I have two net connections from different sources. For example

    i have two lan connections ( each one 10 k internet speed ) .

    1 NIC ip is : gateway : with 10 k internet speed , 2 NIC ip is : Gateway : 10 K speed.

    Now i want to combine these lans to get 20k for my single system ? is it possible ?

    finally how can i utilize these two lans net bandwidth at a time.

    Thnaks for your time.

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    First welcome.

    If I understand you correctly, you have more than one line conecting to the net and wish to combine the bandwidth from the two or more into one. So two 20k links become 40 k etc......

    Since each net access line has to come in on its own ip, it is not possible to combine the bandwidth from different sources together. The reason is the routers to your machine is expecting returning packets to all come back with the same return ip address (your different lines) but they dont because the request was sent out on more than one router so you have multiple ip's requesting the same page or data.

    Sorry I couldn't explain it better and anything is possible, I could well be wrong as well.

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    Thanks for your reply and time. No problem , if it is not possbile we can leave it

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    But isn't there some load balancing software for Linux? Something to manage the connections so that they both have close to the same load on them?
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    Yes you can load balance between two ethernet devices. First thing i found on google so it does seem possible ->

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