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    mandrake linux - how to connect??please help

    i just installed a mandrakelinux 10.2
    i really don't know how i can connect to the internet
    i have an internal modem d-link dfm 562is hsfi pci modem
    i got drivers for linux from the dlink site..
    the problem is i dont know how to set them up..
    and how to create a connection..
    we use prepaid internet cards (dial-ups)
    i dont know if it matters, im from the philippines...
    hope to hear from u..i really need ur help..
    thanks a lot..

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    I don't run Mandrake anymore, but if I remember correctly, you can set up a network connection from the Mandrake Control Center. Look for it in your start menu, as it's there somewhere. You'll have to enter your root password when it's requested, though.

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    exactly what ia i going to do?
    i just cant figure how to do it..
    can we start how to install the modem..and how to check if its working really in need of help badly..

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    Look up a few free online manuals

    I only just started a couple of weeks ago and have downloaded a bunch of free Mandrake Linux manuals and there are many more sets of instructions on these forum sites to do basic stuff like installing and getting internet to work etc.. If you just do a search for it.

    try the free download of a Mandrake Manual at

    There are many more sites giving away free instructions like this if you just do a search on Google.

    You might even find a manual on the CD installer with step by step instructions.

    I find searching much quicker than asking because most of the answers are already there to see and it saves you the time it takes to wait for a reply.

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    ok, what format are the drivers you downloaded from dlink's site? if it is in *.tar.gz form do this in the command line:
    cd /place_where_you_saved_the_drivers
    tar -xzvf driver_file.tar.gz
    cd driver_file
    here, look for a file called README and follow instructions in it.

    Also, there is an excellent tutorial on this site about getting winmodems to work under linux:
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