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    Apache newbie - My real IP

    Hey guys, im just trying to set up an apache http server for the linux project i support (LDIOS).

    My computer sits behind an ADSL router and a DHCP server on a windows network.
    so its like

    Internet---ADSL Router---WindowsXP machine---DaveOnSlackware

    I am trying to set up a apache to get my site working properly, but noone else can access it using the addresses i got from ifconfig, i tried using the eth0 inet addr

    which right now is, so when i try i get the apache startup page, but everyone else cant get anything.

    I know my ip will be changing due to the dhcp but ill be installing static ip's soon, anyway, anyone have a solution?


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    In this type of setup: Internet -> Router -> PC, you have both an interneral IP (inside you LAN) and an external (how anyone on the internet addresses you).

    What you have found, is your local IP, which is how PC's inside the router can find you. For people outside your LAN (i.e. the internet), they would have do connect to that external/public IP, which is the IP of your router. You will then have to forward any traffic to port 80 (the default for web traffic) to the PC that is running the webserver. This can be configured on your router.

    I am assuming your webserver is on the slack box at So, really, all you need to do is set up port forwarding on your router, then find out the external IP to your router (it will not start with 192.168.0.x, because that is your internal addressing) and give that to your friends.
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    ahh right, damn, its a BT router, i cant change it i dont think plus i think id have to set up port forwarding on the windows XP machine too

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    the other thing you could do (not too sure how with a router) but setup an account on dynds download the IP updater, and when the IP changes, it'll update the DNS records for your registered DNS. That way, you tell all your frinds the DNS (eg: and it'll always (hopefully) send them to your apache server (with the relevent port forwards)
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