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    Getting a static IP

    Hi everyone!
    This is my first post since using IRC + #Linuxforums

    Anyway. to make things simple I'm going to say that I"m tryinf to do the following on a linux powered VoIP Device with wifi and a firefox webbrowser

    I want the device to have a static IP address (only these devices can communicate with each other and they never access the phone lines) so that when you store your friends number / IP you can always call them at that number.

    Ok so far?
    However, there's a problem, remember how I said it has Wifi? it sitill need to have the same IP while using another network and most of the time it will be a network you don't have access to the settings for.

    I was thinking a custom DNS server however, would it (the voip device) still be able to acess the net? of would it software have to be somehow modified to access a custom DNS sever but the rest of the system use a normal dns server?

    Would maybe some sort of proxy work ? does linux has a hosts file like in windows (just incase: host is like an internal dns server when looking for a site ity allwayws looks there first.)

    Any help would be appreiated thanks again,

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    Linux does have a hosts file it is /etc/hosts
    u can put your entry for the other comp in here and it should probably resolve

    Hope this helps

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    If you're using wireless and hopping networks, then being able to use the same IP address for each is pretty unlikely.

    In addition to that, the networks themselves are often connected to the internet through a single IP gateway. This is their static IP address (although it may be assigned dynamically from a pool and hence change from time to time), so you cant use your own static IP behind theirs.

    I think what you really need to use is some kind of sip proxy/gateway service which allows you to register your presence when you go online, and where people can find you no matter what your current IP address is. I believe you have to pay for these kinds of services though.
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