Hey guys, i have used linux alot for a single computer and am activly involved in programming in a linux distro project.

One side i have never looked at is networking as i have never had more than one computer...now i have 5 (well technically, some are flatmates).

I want to set up a network on linux because the XP home network just isnt doing it for us (unreliable, limited, open to viruses).

I can get Linux (slackware, Fedora, Knoppix) to access the internet when XP runs the network, now i want to work things the other way, where linux runs the network and XP is the one accessing through it. Is this possible? everyone on this network will be wanting to use MSN messenger, Explorer, some use Limewire (they purchased the pro package, so i think it is a must).

If anyone can help me with the install, or point me towards dpcumentation or whatever that can thatd be very useful. Also if someone could tell me which Distro is the easiest to set this up on that would be a great help.