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    IP Address Conflict and Router Troubles

    I have 1 wireless router and one modem/wireless router combo. I want to use the old router/modem combo as just a modem, and my new router to provide the wireless connection. I cannot setup the the new router with the provided cd utility, it says that the router is either unplugged or it just fails when I test the internet conection. I went into the web utility ( after 5 hours of struggling to get it to go to the new router instead of the old one) and set it up the best I could. However sometimes when I start up one of 3 computers in my house I get the error "IP Address Conflict." Also the new router's internet connection never works unless I bridge the old router and the new one, and that only works with the computer it's directly connected to. After that I tried the same thing with a labtop, with no success. After that I did hard resets of both the new router and the old router/modem combo and tried again. The ip address of the old router is the same as the new one except the old one ends with a .1 while the new one ends with .2. I manually released the ip address in dos not really knowing what I was doing and restarted the computer, could that of been the problem? I do not know the ip address of any of the computers before I srewed them up. I also (being and incredable noob) do not know how to find my ip address!!!

    Can sombody please help me! I have tried everything I know with no success.

    There is no problem so complicated that you cannot find a very simple answer to it if you look at it in the right way

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    When you have a router uplinked to another router, the easy choice is to put their internal interfaces on different networks.

    Here's what I mean:
    • External interface of outer router plugs into modem.
    • Internal interface of outer router plugs into uplink port (i.e. external interface) of inner router.
    • Internal interfaces of inner router plug into pcs. Or, if they're all wireless then don't worry about it.
    • The internal network for the outer router should be private IPs - for example 192.168.1.x. The external interface for the inner router will of course get an IP on that network.
    • The internal network for the inner router should also be private IPs on a different network - for example 10.0.0.x.

    Then only get client addresses from the inner router. Perhaps you can turn off dhcp services on the outer router. I hope this is helpful instead of more confusing.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the help, sorry I didn't respond before but my internet went completly out and Ii couldn't see if anyone had posted anything or not.

    It seemed my fundemental problem was that I didn't have an ip adress (???)
    After I configured that I was able to get into the new router's manual setup and configure it there.

    Anyway, I appreciate you trying to help.

    There is no problem so complicated that you cannot find a very simple answer to it if you look at it in the right way


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