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Thread: two questions

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    two questions

    two questions ( post #1)

    i have two questions to ask


    using fedora core 3 and have vnc 4.0.8
    now when ever i connect it from lan then no desktop just a screen with a terminal

    in redhat 9 i can watch desktop so what can i do know
    ... second question that is related to same is vncserver is not running at startup
    i put the command in rc.local but no vncserver so each time connect to telnet first then then type vncserver


    how can i use ksim in fedora core 3 . i upgraded the kdeutils (3.4.2)

    but there is no way to find out how can i run ksim

    actually i watch ethernet statistic through ksim (mean how much bandwidth is consuming by my lan users ) so if someone know better tool then reply me

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    You need to put the config for your VNC session into:


    You probably want to add either 'gnome-session' or 'startkde' to the last line of that file, depending on whether you want to start gnome or kde.

    Dont forget to do

    service vncserver restart

    after this.

    (And make sure you've run vncpasswd!)


    Sorry, I know nothing about ksim... I hope someone else can help.
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    dear roxoff can you tell me in detail mean where can i find the vnc.conf and what i need to change it

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