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    chkconfig and service commands don't work

    hi am a newbie in linux. I use fedora core 3. in my console i can't use the service command unless i go in ctrl+alt+f2 mode. and the chkconfig command dosen't work.


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    Which service commands? What is chkconfig? Some more info please?

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    This may be a permissions issue. Are you root when you go to the text console (ctrl-alt-F2)? but normal user when in graphics terminal? You can usually tell by the command prompt:
    [you@yourmachine]$ The '$' is for normal user.
    [you@yourmachine]# The '#' is for root or superuser.

    In the terminal within the graphics console, try doing this:
    $ su -
    (enter password when requested)
    # chkconfig
    (don't type the '$' and '#': I just show them for illustration.)
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    ///this use to look better

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