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    Fedora forgetting network configurations

    I have a linux server running fedora 3 and it has one wired ethernet card.

    I have eth0 setup so that it gets an IP address via my DHCP server and I have eth0:0 setup so that it uses a static IP that I assigned. They both have config files in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts directory.

    Most of the time both addresses work fine. But leaving the machine alone for a while I will come back, or try to shell into the eth0:0 IP and it will not work. I will get in via the other port and when I run "ifconfig" it shows no eth0:0 running. (During this time the eth0 configuration always works fine. )

    To get it back I just run "ifup eth0:0" and then it works fine for a while until this all starts to happen again. Right now I'm solving the problem by running a cron job to start up the eth0:0 every 2 hours, but this is clearly not how I would prefer to solve this problem. Does any one have any idea why this could happen? Is my ethernet card going bad?


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    That's an odd problem. Does eth0 lose it's IP as well? Do you see anything about it in your /var/log/messages?
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    Nope, eth0 (using DHCP) is always up and with the same address.

    I see a lot of DHCPRECQUESTs for eth0 but nothing that pertains to eth0:0.

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    I tried inserting and setting up a second ethernet card. This will be a test to see if it drops out like the eth0:0 i set up before.

    ...unless anyone has a clue what is causing this problem?!

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