I'm attempting to listen to a streaming audio feed on my work computer (client: running mandrake 10.1) through a firewall that only allows access to ports 80 and 22. I have a computer at home (messenger: also running mandrake 10.1) with an ssh daemon running.

I know it is possible to use ssh to tunnel VNC packets through the firewall and have access to a home computer, but I'm adding an additional problem since the streaming media is coming from somewhere other than my home machine (server: some live feed).

Here is what I've come up with so far:

*** On 'client':
I want to forward anything coming to messenger:8000 to my client:8000 so I type:
&#91;user@client&#93;$ ssh -R 8000&#58;localhost&#58;8000 user@<messenger-ip>
user@<messenger-ip>'s password&#58;
Last login&#58; Wed Sep 28 11&#58;47&#58;00 2005 from <client-ip>

*** On 'messenger':
I saw the link to a feed on www.icecast.org: http://dir.xiph.org/listen.php?pid=2...ile=listen.m3u

To get 'messenger' to start receiving this stream, I simply typed:
&#91;user@messenger&#93;$ mozilla &#91;url&#93;http&#58;//dir.xiph.org/listen.php?pid=2854304&file=listen.m3u&#91;/url&#93;
&#91;1&#93; 31792
This only opens an x-window from 'messenger' prompting if I want to open it with 'Amarok' or save it to disk.

I still need to know how to get my server to start receiving the broadcast and my client to listen to the broadcast on whatever port it is coming into.

I'm a little overwhelmed and don't know what I should do to successfully stream this feed to my work computer. Anyone have ideas how I may be able to get this working?