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    Networking involving a NAT box and Linksys router.

    I have been trying to establish a network that involves a NAT box and Linsksys router.

    Here is the current setup:
    I have a high speed internet connection (from wall outlet connected to eth0 of my NAT box - a Fedora Core 4 Linux box). eth0 is configured with a static IP. There is another network card eth1 in the NAT box that goes to the WAN port of a Linksys router (Model WRT54G). I have connected 2 other systems to this router using ethernet cables.

    I need to access the internet from the computers connected to the Linksys router. (FYI, I want to use the wireless functionality provided by the router. If this was not the case, I could go ahead and use a swtich as you would all agree ).

    Current IP address assignment for these cards and router:
    NAT box:
    eth0 - Static IP
    Mask -
    Gateway -
    DNS 1-
    DNS 2 -

    eth1 -
    Mask -
    Gateway - eth0
    DNS 1-
    DNS 2 -

    Linksys Router -
    a) (as seen from outside)
    (assigned a static IP)
    Mask -
    Gateway -
    DNS 1-
    DNS 2 -

    b) Router IP -
    Mask -

    Computer 1 connected to the router -
    Mask -
    Gateway -
    DNS 1-
    DNS 2 -

    a) With this setup, I am able to ping to,,, and to the static IP assigned by the ISP( that is of eth0).

    b) I have created IP tables that will allow traffic from internal n/w.

    c) I am not able to access the internet from the m/cs connected to the router.

    If anyone can help me with the configuration, I would greatly appreciate this. Or if you can direct me to any resources that talks about this kind of stuff, I can read them.

    Thank you

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    Is there an easy tutorial on this anywhere... I am having the same adventure... Everything can ping everything internally - but, the only box that can reach the "outside" is the router box...

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    What does your firewall rules look like that allow traffic out and the replies back in?


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