I have a gew problems and ned some help resolving them. I have four computers, a cable/dsl router and a dsl modem/router. I want to hook the dsl modem/router to my dsl connection and it works DHCP. After that I want to hook my dsl router to the dsl modem and have it static. I got that fine. Next I want to plug all my computers into the the dsl router and have them static including 3 workstations and one file server. The workstations use DHCP right now. Can I change that and how? After the network is up, which I am still struggling with, I want to have the server setup to do a vncserver so I can log into as it will be headless and administer it. I set VNC up in my current environment and do vnc viewer from one of the other machines and it seay "no route to host". Not sure what is happening there. I can ping the boxes back and forth to each other. Anyone got a good link that explains how to setup a home network? I understand IP addressing and subnet masks. I need a guide on how to setup and make sure everything is working. I am gonna use the hosts table as my network is small. Also, how do I lable the computers different names and have a domain name? Like the file server will be file_server,