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Thread: Subnetting help

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    Subnetting help

    Right, im going over subnets again after doing them last year, i thought i had remembered it until the Cisco testerererer cd hit me with this: (I have put this in code tags as it allows spacing)

            Given the IP address & a subnet mask of what is the broadcast address:
            C: 172.156.32
    So I have done my working like this:
    IP = /27
    .                            | N | N | N | S |  H  |
    Broadcast:                               011 11111    =
    But the correct answer is D:
    I have tried to work through the example given again using ANDing:
    Subnet mask =
    IP                 =
    Only showing 'The intresting Octet':
    Subent =    224   =   11100000
    IP     =    100   =   01100100
    Network address =     01100000 = 96
    Broadcast       =     01111111 = 127
    Could the Cisco CD have a little error, or a i doing this the wrong way?

    I have worked through another example from the same CD:

    What is the broadcast for IP subnet, given a mask of

    So, /27

            | S  |    H    |
    224      111  00000
             001  00000    - Network
             001  11111    - Broadcast =
    Which, according to the CD is correct. Is the CD wrong? This is confusing me a lil.

    Thanks much

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    May be you are right.There will be some mistake in cisco cd.

    Put your IP address and Subnet Mask.The result will be the same.

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    Yes, the CD is wrong. The broadcast address for is is the network address for the following subnet.
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