the story goes on.
i have this multiboot pc (with XP and FC4), on which i tried 3 NIC:
1 PCI, 1 ISA, and one PCMCIA, which all work flawless on the same PC under XP with dsl and have no IRQ conflicts
(3COM etherlink III, 3COM 3C589D, and realtek 8139)
network settings (i tried many) are for eth0 with and without IP, but currently with ip acquisition on dialup, no DNS (for german t-online), and no startup on pc boot, tied to hardware MAC address.
in addition i set up (and varied) a ppoE dsl device using eth0 (at times another card as eth1), i tried both sync PPP and non sync PPP, with and without dialup on request, and setting timeout to 0 or a very large number in those cases with.
i also tried specifying the T-online DNS (though they do not prescribe it, and i also left it on automatic acquisition with same "success")
eth0/1 respectively needs to be defined, but unconfigured and inactive for activating the ppp0.
it worked with and without the DNS and sysnc/async PPP set, but when it connected briefly
it qould quit upon changing pages (such as from lycos to the fedora page) or trying to use the gonme irc client for yahoo.
and THEN it would stay failed, ie not reconnect, uinless rebooted, sometimes made powerless.
i have no idea what the fix or the problem is.
also under windows, the thing has no comparable probelm.
oh and i also tried setting the bios to non pnp, to no avail.