Dear All,
I need a solution for the following issue.
Here we are having 10 machines in 192.168.9.x series (ie nine network) and ten machines in 192.168.10.x series (ie ten network) . The gateway ip is " " . Now the ten network people are able to access the internet . The need is to assign the internet access to nine network poeple also. The gateway for nine network people is
" ". This machine is having one more ethernet card with the ip
" " . How can I transfer all the requests from nine network machines
to the ten network and get the reponse vice versa. Can you give the solution or some
ideas for solving the issues or give some sample rules so that I can check for working out this .

Note : I need internet access for three machines in nine network particularly not for all. But access to 25 port and 110 port for all nine network machines.

Expecting your reply

Thanks in advance .

Suresh Kumar