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    How to get windows and linux to see each other using a broadband router?


    First, sorry if this question is in a FAQ somewhere, but I've done a bit of searching, and found nothing so far.

    My setup is as follows: two machines, a desktop running Win 2000, and a laptop running SUSE 9.3, both connected to a D-Link broadband router, which is itself connected to the internet. Both machines can access the internet fine, but I can't get them to see each other (for file sharing). I'm running firewalls on both machines (iptables on linux, Sygate Personal Firewall on Windows), as well as on the router. Both machines use DHCP.

    I don't really want to disable the firewalls - but at the moment I can't even ping my windows machine from linux. But I can ping my linux machine from windows.

    Where do I go from here?


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    Enable NETBIOS in your firewall in windows, and make sure SAMAB is set up on linux. Better yet, add the intranet IP of your linux box to the firewall on your windows machine's 'trusted' zone, file sharing and ICMP(echo - ping uses this) are enabled by default on this zone in most firewalls, enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefann
    ... and make sure SAMAB is set up on linux. .........
    I think you mean SAMBA

    @ AussieGuy
    Yast has a smaba client setup tool in its network services section, you can setup the samba client. On the linux machine, you can see the windows machine''s shared items by launching Konqueror and typing the following in the address bar:
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