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    How do I set up an encrypted WLAN?


    I am new to this and a bit confused about which settings to use when connecting to a WLAN.

    I have a NetGear MR814v2 router and a Sparklan WL-311F card and am using Suse10.

    If I use a program called LWifiManager it gets a signal and finds the access point to my network. But when I click th "Scan for Networks" button it says that no network is found. I can see how the signal is getting weaker if I move away from the router with my laptop. But I cant ping the network. At least not if I use address I need to admin the router.

    Does this mean that the card doesn't work or that the card works but it is denied access to the router because I am using wrong encryption key?

    If the card work, how do I set up the card so it uses the right encryoption settings?

    I have searched the internet for tips and tutorials about hor to set up a keys and such but cant find any.
    Any suggestions where I can find information about this? I dont know where to start.

    (The network is working wireless with Windows XP)


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    firstly, what os are you using,e.g. suse mandriva etc, might be able to help you if you know

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    Which OS I use.

    I'm new to Linux so I'm not sure of the names of the different komponents in the system. But I use KDE, if that is not a too stupid answer.
    (I thought that KDE was a kind of Shell to SUSE which is the Operating System.)

    I rememeber that I had trouble connecting a Mac OS to the network aswell, so perhaps there are the connection to the network that is the problem (key and kind of key etc).

    I've read somewhere that the WL-cards don't support all types of connection, (open connection, automatic connection, shared key...). Have no qlue where to start debugging.

    I would be very thankful if you could help me. It's getting very anoying to have a laptop and not be able to sit were I want.


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    set up the card using yast and kinternet instead of kwifimanager. If you are using wpa, install wpa_supplicant in yast then configure it using yasts wireless config tool (yast -. network devices -> network card -> your wireless card).

    In 9.3, the 2nd page of configuring the card relates to essid and wep/wpa encryption.
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    Alright, it worked! Thanks.

    Just one more question, what is wpa_supplicant?
    The network works now, is wpa something nice to have or does it not matter now when the network is working?


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    WPA encryption makes your network much harder to crack into. I would recommend that people use wpa encryption if their hardware supports it.

    The wpa_supplicant program basicially provides a way for linux machines to connect to a wpa encrypted network, currently with the wireless-tools package, it only supports wep encryption. Because this the wpa_supplicant program was designed to provide wpa encryption.

    If you are more than happy with your present wep encryption, then there is no need to change it to wpa. If you live in a dense area, i.e. one with many wireless networks in the area, i strongly recommend that you go for wpa, but again make sure that all your hardware supports it before making the move.
    Life is complex, it has a real part and an imaginary part.

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