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    Need help configuring my NIC

    How do I force my NIC to operate at 10Mbps half duplex. My NIC is an Surecom ep-320x-r1 (realtek 8139 chipset)

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    I'll give your the easiest way so you can change it back without really remembering how you did it in linux because your not going to. Use a CAT 3 not CAT 5 cable from you box to the wall or hub. You hub/switch will have not choice but to handle that connection at 10 mips.

    if you ever change your mind just change the cable. You don't have to remember "How did I do that 2 years ago?"

    This removes autonegoitations from the connnection sync process. I've done this when I have nic's or switches that just won't cooperate even though they should. Its the path of least resistance if you don't really need the 100 mips speed and Keeps your box frm being over run/loaded. I've also only had this with older nic's and newer hubs/switches.

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    That's a very good idea, but I find the procedure of replacing a 50m cable, that runs through a concrete wall into another apartment to be somewhat difficult, so if anyone can think of another way to do it under Linux, pls reply.

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    have a look at mii-tool.

    (man mii-tool).


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    10x for the help. That worked.

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