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    test your linux meddle here

    i have a cable connection and a wireless router in the 1st floor of my house. in the basement i have a winxp machine with a wireless usb. to that machine i have connected another pc that i recently put rh7 on via ethernet cable from nic to nic. when i had win on the 2 nd pc i was connected to the internet by setting the 1st pc up as a gateway.

    my question is how do i configure the linux box to pull an IP and be able to get online?

    thanks for thakin the time to read this post

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    Re: test your linux meddle here

    The automatic configuration of IP addresses is done through DHCP. Since this is what you want to use, I'm going to assume the XP computer gets it's IP the same way. That probably means the wireless router is running the DHCP server (fairly common setup).

    The problem you will be getting is that DHCP works by broadcast and the broadcast wont get relayed by the XP computer to the DHCP server on the wireless network router.

    I would recommend simply setting up static IPs on the XP and Linux computers and just leaving it at that. However if you must use DHCP then you will need to bridge the wired and wireless connections on the XP computer. As far as I know that is just a case of right clicking on the wired connection and selecting "Bridge this connection" but that is a windows setting so I can't be sure.

    Once the connections are bridged I don't think the XP box needs to be set up as a gateway anymore, and you should be good to go.

    Another small thing is if you are using cat5 cable you will need a crossover lead rather than a normal one for nic-to-nic connections. You probably already know that, but I've seen a lot of people loose hair by using the wrong lead.

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