Ok I am spent way to long looking this up and I think I am once again Confusing myself.
I have a slakware 10 server runing apache 1.3x and am using a linksys wireless g router [version 2 with latest firmware update]
From outside my house I can get to the websites on the server fine
however from inside I cannot. I know that this has something to do with my setup but am not sure where to go or what to try next.
I have tried to setup an internal BIND DNS [version9] server and that does not seem to be helping me.
if I type in the local IP address I can get to the default Virtual server site fine but I canot get to any others.

The internal IP address of the server already has port 80 on the router opend so i know that that is not the issue. I tired to diable both the windows and the Router firewall

the local IP is 192.168.150
let say the domain name is domain1.com
If I need to use a DNS server cna someone help me withe what I need to setup
Anything would be great as I need to get this running so i can work on the site from home
I know it is probably something simple

[also whenever i amde changes i did restarted the Apache and BIND] services. I use Webmin to manage the server