I am trying to setup a server (more like a firewall/router) that balances all traffic from an internal network over 3 DSL lines (which each have their own DSL modems). Biggest issue right now is when everything is setup and load balancing is working correctly the internal network seems to experience "outages" (~10 seconds of no conectivity) every 10 minutes. Amazingly the every 10 minutes is EXTREMELY accurate according to the monitoring software I am using. What is really odd is, for example, I can be sshed into the "server" sshed into some other server out in the almighty cloud and I can work for hours on end with no problems (meanwhile AIM is failing every 10 minutes along with everything else). I am not going to go through the entire configuration but I here is the most important part in my ip route table:
nexthop via dev eth0
nexthop via dev eth1
nexthop via dev eth2

That my not be the exact contents of the table but my issue is not really command orriented. Thoughts anyone??