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Thread: ssh access

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    ssh access

    I have the following problem:

    I want to log on to a remote linux machine which has a high-speed internet connection and download some big files to the remote machine.

    I log on via ssh and use wget to download the files.

    The problem is that I have to stay logged on for the whole time while the files are being downloaded. If I log off, wget terminates. Is there a way to start wget and set it to work even while the ssh connection is disconnected?

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    wget <url> &
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    nohup wget <url> &

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    Thanks for the answers, now it works, at least somehow. But I still have a problem:

    If iI start wget in the background and log out of the remote computer, ssh does not terminate. Is there a tutorial/FAQ somewhere for background processing and ssh?

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    I found solution:
    I think this will do what I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotharster
    I found solution:
    I think this will do what I want.
    Yes. Screen is a truly wonderful program.
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    if there is not 'screen'

    if there is not 'screen'.
    I know 'screen' - it is very useful tools - but I have not screen (and I cannot install it) - is there any differen way to close terminal afer call 'nohup' from 'ssh' remote execution ?

    I mean:

    1. 'ssh' execute script with 'nohup' command
    2. terminal does not close - how to close this terminal ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by sarumont
    Quote Originally Posted by Lotharster
    Yes. Screen is a truly wonderful program.
    Wow! That's really nice. I was also switching to other emulators but this is much better.
    Thanks for the link
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