Hello all, I am new here and need your help.
This is mi issue... I try to create a Linux BOX Swith that support VLANs with one VLan client mobil. To do it I modified the dhcpd.conf to delivery differents nets in 3 eths, for example: with 3 subnets, one in eth0. Also with other net range in eth1, and in eth2, I did put some clientes fixed by MAC, by example with 00-08-XXXX and It works fine in the 1st nic, and the DHCP works.

Then I able eth1:1 with the second range of the first ( here and eth2:1 with the 3th range here ( here.

Then when I try to delivery one segment od IPs outside VLAN mobil, those disable the eth1 or eth2, I suppose because the delivery no understand what IP gave to the client.

Showing the message: Interface eth1 matches multiple shared networks

I try to simulate the CISCO Works system for VLAN mobile clients.

Please I need ideas and help.