After reading lot of forums and websites... i came to the conclusion that there is no "Center of informations" about this.
Meaning that you gotta tru a lot of places to find little bit of info and hope everything u gathered goes together. So maybe, ppl with the knowledge and practice, could post every lil tricks in one thread.

At the same time, it would help me, since i've been looking for infos about this.

Here, im using Fedora Core 4 with a DWL-G520 wireless card. and i have 2 other NIC (10/100 and 10/100/1000) everything runs fine.

Only thing is with the wireless connection... im not too confortable with it.

Im using NDISWRAPPER with the .inf and .sys file from the win xp driver from the d-link website. everything is fine up to here.

It's to connect and manage the connection. Since this is a server, i have installed FC4 with CONSOLE only, no X-Windows/graphic set up.

So what tools and what would be the basic and most important command should i know to manage my Wireless connection.
ie: to know that i am connected and alive. , monitor the bandwith going tru.
How to disconnect from the AP and reconnect to a different or same AP.

Any console packages i should get to get my wireless going better?

Thx for everything