Hi! I don't know if I'm out of topic but I need some guidance. I am doing my final project and I was thinking of doing a remote administration tool for Load Balancing for FTP Servers. I couldn't see any applications that have remote access to control the Load Balancing. My question is

1) Is there any remotely accessible application to control Load Balancing?

2) I decided to choose Server Load Balancing. But whenever I search in Google, I get most of my results in Network Load Balancing. Why is that?

3) Also, to get the host machine's performance info, I need to get the SNMP Agent info. I am planning to use Big Brother nms and display it in my application. My application will be Web Based since it should have remote access. What is your opinion on that? Is there any other way I can do the same task with a different NMS?

Please respond to the questions as soon as you can. I am in desperate need for guidance. And please hurry.