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    Problem with name resolving.

    Hello all,
    I am having a small network of about 2 linux machines and 3 windows machines. One of the LInux machine acts as a DHCP (ISC) server, Internet Router and DNS (tinydns from djbdns). I have setup the tinydns and it works fine. I have tested the linux machine(client) and am able to ping to all the local machines from the linux machine using ping But when I ping it from Windows XP, The following error occured:

    Ping request could not find host please check the name and try again
    I know this problem is not a linux specific problem, but since tinydns is serving the name resolution I posted it here.
    When I ran ipconfig/all in windows, it shows the IP address of the local nameserver. and I can ping to this nameserver using the IP Address.
    Another weird problem is that I can access internet from the windows machines through the machine which runs nameserver, dhcp server and IP routing.

    Have anyone faced this problem before?
    any thoughts ??


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    Hmm... I remember the same thing happened to me...
    Try this, it might help: right-click 'My computer' -> Properties -> Computer Name -> Change -> More and add in the 'Primary DNS suffix' field the name of the local domain (from your example it should be "" I think).

    Hope it helps.
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    I have just solved the issue: The solution is
    The IP address of the windows machine is assigned through the DHCP server. I just tried to statically set an Ip address and point the namserver to it. Then it worked. So I dig some of the options of dhcpd.conf just played with the options for ddns-update-style. I changed ddns-update-style ad-hoc; to ddns-update-style interim; Then it worked. Now i am able to ping to all the hosts in the network.
    Thanks to all of you who replied especially to sirkware.


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    I'm also using the dhcp server together with tinydns.
    My question is how you have configured your system to be able use it for dynamic update of the dns based on the update in the dhcp.leases file?

    Thanks in advance!

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