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    Telnet Access Help

    I need help gaining telnet access to a new linux box I built. All the box has on it is a the basic, most striped down, Debian Sarge installed it. I set it up this was because all I want to use it for is to learn Snort (and a few other network tools).

    I want to be able to access and administer this system via telnet, or some other means suggestions??, without having to plug in a keyboard and monitor etc.

    Here is how things are now...when I try to telnet in I can't. So I am assuming some service is not turned on, or some file is not configured correctly.

    So if anyone could please reply with advice. I am sure this is an easy fix.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Telnet is obsolete. You should use SSH for remote logins. The SSH server is likely already running on most Linux installations. Try "ssh user@hostname".

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    Agree with spoon!. I'd be utterly lost in all things Linux if it weren't for ssh. It's indispensible.
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    A very good tool (and free) for SSH is PuTTY.
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