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    It suddenly occured to me...

    ...that while i'm now au fait with sharing folders between Linux and Windows, i haven't a clue how to accomplish the same thing Linux<->Linux :o

    How do you share a Linux directory over a network with other Linux machines (preferably non-GUI)?

    i've briefly Googled this but practically everything turns up Samba-related issues. i'm aware that i can mount a Linux machine's Samba shares on another Linux machine but that just seems unnecessary.
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    put what you want to share in /etc/exports
    (there's a syntax see man page)

    start up the nfsserver daemons

    from the client (there are some client daemons probably just nfs... I forget)

    showmount -e hostname shows what another machine is sharing

    mount -t nfs hostname:share-name mountpoint
    or put it into your /etc/fstab (with a no auto option is good... I hate waiting for a machine to start that wont 'cos it's trying to mount NFS shares that aren't available

    Hop that helps cheers
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