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Thread: Help with NSLU2

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    Help with NSLU2

    I am a complete noob in Linux. That said I need help with using a external 200 GB usb hard drive. It is attached to a Linksys NSLU2. I can access the NSLU2 itself by way of it's IP address......what do I do to get Linux to see the hard drive?? I am using SUSE 10.0 64 bit. The usb hard drive was\is opperable on the network when using a windoze XP PC. I used a program from Linksys 2 setup the NSLU2 for Windoze XP....I did not see anything on the website for linux. The drive is in ext3 file format I believe.
    Thanks in advance....

    P.S: I have purchased a Samba book just incase this gets down and dirty

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    Hi OA,

    I'm an NSLU2 user although I've reflashed mine with Debian Etch, and I presume you are using the original firmware? If so, it should reveal itself on the network as a Windows share. When you say you can access it via its IP address, do you mean you can use the web interface?

    I'm not familiar with SUSE but you should be able to access Windows shares without downloading anything extra. Since you have a Windows machine, share a folder on that, ánd see if you can see that on your Linux machine via the network? Often you must specify your server in the format \\aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd\sharename on your Linux PC.

    On my Kubuntu machine, I can see Windows shares via a feature called "Remote folders" on my taskbar. On SUSE it may be called something different, but it should be there.

    Edit: doh! I just realised your post was two years ago, so I doubt you're still waiting for an answer! Oh well, hope it helps someone...

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