I'm just a single user, don't host. Have a Netgear router fed by ethernet adsl modem. I onlly look at its firewall log every other weekend. I noticed a 'drop' line I'm sure didn't appear before - I don't copy the logs. Like this:

(timestamp) TCP packet, source:,80 [http] wan, - destination (my dhcp addr here) lan - inbound rule match - drop

Specifically the source entry, whereas all the other 'wan' entries for any packet type are obviously snooping external ipv4 octets, and a few I recognise as in my ISP subnet. That entry appears about every 6th entry but it varies.

I know the browser uses port 80 but I'm lost as to why that 'localhost' 127..0.0.0 is showing up as coming IN from the WAN.

worrying matter?

enlightenment please