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    XDMCP connection problems

    Hi, I've tried using XDMCP between a computer with MEPIS 3.3 and another with Debian Etch. In GDM, which I am running on both of them, I chose the option to allow XDMCP connections to port 177. When I tell GDM to run the XDMCP program, it scans the local network and finds only the computer itself. Both of the computers are attached to the same router and have the ip addresses for the Debian and for the MEPIS. When I type in one of these addresses to connect to the other computer ( on the Debian), the application tells me that after three seconds, there was no response from the host. However, when I login each to itself, and ping the other computer I always get the packets back. I've also tried to do the "X -query <ipaddress> thing and it does not work either. I don't know if I have a firewall running and I don't know how to disable it for the particular ports but I don't think this matters.

    Why cannot I connect to the other computer?

    Yes, I know the poll is totally off topic, but I had to put it there. Please answer honestly.

    --Typed on Dvorak

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    I dont understand the goal of this poll but i use an azerty keyboard layout

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