This thread is a little bit longer but may be useful for cable operators I need comments about this article

Squid is best for web proxy then what about MS ISA

I feel both are good. but squid has built in bandwidth controller but lack of virus attack ,Trojan control woo lack of virus attack controller what is this

Every person who uses squid know clearly that iptables is need for real time traffic (voice chat , web cam …) in Linux
Mean Netting. So if a client computer is configured with virus then what will you do
Or using peer to peer programs like Kazaa, imesh , emula

A solution is to control its web traffic through delay pool in squid and real time traffic through CBQ or HBQ like tools.
Now suppose a computer operator is not using a Net but his computer is infected with viruses or Trojan it will still consuming your bandwidth even not using the net

That is the –ve point of Linux + squid. A person is not using the Net but its computer consuming your bandwidth

Now how we can block peer to peer programs like Kazaa , imesh , and very very bad DAP (download application accelerator) a solution is to block the port but how much

In Linux I block the Kazaa port and watch. After blocking one port, Kazaa attacked to another port so many software’s especially peer to peer use these kind of tricks so port blocking is not solution

So now take the Advantage of ISA firewall. This software is install on client machine. So know block the peer to peer application on application bases. Suppose you want to block the DAP then disable this application in ISA, want to block the Kazaa then disable this application similarly block the viruses like schist so no bandwidth consume through the firewall.

So a perfect solution is user squid for port 80 and use ISA firewall for real time traffic

I need comments on this article may be this article will solve many cable operator problems