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    Can Surf - but cannot get email/ftp/ping etc

    Hi guys, Hope somebody can help me. (Have posted this in other firums). I have set up a RH9 server at work. I have (win) machines on an internal network running 192.168.5.x tcp etc. These machines go though the RH9 machine to access the outside world (which is what I want). The problem is that these machines can (only) surf the Web. If I try to ping an outside address I get no reply, (I can ping the gateway and get a reply), if I try to pick up mail from an outside mail server, the mail client tells me that the server has terminated the connection, and I cannot FTP.

    I am reasonably confident that I have an incorrect setting (or something) in the new machine. The reason I beleive this, is that the new machine is a replacement for another machine that was running RH7.2 (on which the HD is slowly dieing). When I put the old machine back on, I dont have any of the above problems. I have looked at the settings on the old machine and they 'appear' to be the same. I have stopped/started IPTABLES and Squid on the new machine, but nothing seems to fix the problem.

    Any help appreciated (yesterday I had black hair, today it is suddenly white!)



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    squid allows http to go thru it (i.e. your clients are able to surf

    to allow ftp/smtp/blablabla, you need ip masquerade

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    Thanx for that .. after some searching in the last few days, I thought that might be a problem .... Now to figure out how to do it.


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